Alchemist's Jam X Suzor Wines Collab

Alchemist's Jam X Suzor Wines Collab


C’est La Vie Jam

Boysenberry + Grapefruit + Sea Salt (9 oz)

C’est La Vie (aka Such is life), drawing a parallel to the balance of sweet, bitter and salty.

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Made from locally-sources fruits and organic ingredients, Alchemists’ artisanal jams reflect the bounty of Oregon.

Produced right here in McMinnville, all jams are created in small batches. That means carefully hand-squeezed citrus, simply cooked down berries in large pots over the stove, and hand-poured jam into jars. All of this usually done while singing along with Neil Young.

Alchemy, in its essence, is a spiritual practice involving the self-transformation of the practitioner as he or she transmutes a common substance into something of great value. Inspired by our Pinot Noirs, this unique collaboration was born. Reflecting what wine (and life!) is all about, this jam brings together sweetness, a touch of bitterness and a hint of salty tones.

Made by Jennifer & Danny over at Alchemist’s Jam.