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Portland Monthly, October 2019  By Kristen Young

Portland Monthly, October 2019

By Kristen Young

Best Oregon Pinot under $40

SUZOR 2015 THE TOWER PINOT NOIR, YAMHILL-CARLTON DISTRICT This bottling from rising-star winemaker Greg McClellan offers a silky texture, great density, with notes of dark, ripe plums, sweet baking spices, salted caramel, and crushed leaves. I love the vineyard sourcing: one-third bright, elegant Menefee Vineyard, two-thirds dark, sinister fruit, all muscle and tension, from Fennwood Vineyard.

The Oregonian, 2019  By Michael Alberty

The Oregonian, 2019

By Michael Alberty

6 Oregon wines illustrate chardonnay’s ascendance in the Willamette Valley

2015 Suzor Wines “The Sunflower” Willamette Valley Chardonnay The winery may be new, but owners Greg McClellan and Melissa Rondeau are both wine industry veterans. Because of this inaugural bottle of chardonnay, the 2016 version is going to be at the top of my “must-buy” list. The Sunflower is appropriately named given its lemon-gold color. Scents of grilled pineapple, honeysuckle and limeade fill the nose while flavors of cantaloupe, toasted filberts and brown spice coat the palate. 

The Manual, August 2019  By Mark Stock

The Manual, August 2019

By Mark Stock

Gamay Noir Wine Is a Cult Classic That’s Here to Stay

Perhaps more than anything, Gamay reminds us that wine is, essentially, a simple joy. It’s made to be enjoyed with friends and food and, ideally, make both things even better in its company. Mélissa Rondeau and Greg McClellan of Suzor Wines in Oregon are cheerleaders of the variety, offering a hard-to-argue-with perspective.

“We are particularly excited to produce Gamay because of its unpretentiousness,” says Rondeau. “We believe it can reach a broader audience, from wine geeks to the novice. It’s juiciness, stylistically versatile from a winemaking stance, makes it a playful yet serious wine to produce.”

This is Suzor’s first vintage of Gamay and it’s a quality effort. The nose is reminiscent of wild blueberry jam while the more expected flavors of pomegranate and cranberry round out a full and zesty flavor profile.