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about us

Honoring our French heritage through Greg's grandmother's name, Suzor was born from a desire to create wines that resonate with vivacity and authenticity of the vineyards we source from. Fond memories of family meals in France's Loire Valley have influenced our choice to make simply elegant, food friendly wines.

Today, Suzor Wines has grown into a family affair. Greg focuses on crafting distinctive yet accessible wines and Mélissa works on growing our brand while baby boy Hugo keeps everyone tiredly on their toes! Many exciting possibilities are on the horizon, but we remain focused on making wines that convey our story, with a nod to French tradition. 

We look forward to sharing our wines with you.


Greg and Mélissa

Greg McClellan

Greg McClellan | Winemaker

Growing up in Northern California to a French mother and francophile father, I enjoyed the occasional sips of great French wines. I landed my first job in the wine world with Ponzi Vineyards as a cellar hand. A few years later, I became the assistant winemaker for Hamacher Wines. Mentors Luisa and Dick Ponzi taught me the simple truth; great wine comes from great grapes. Gentle handling and respect for the growing season yields superior wines. 

I then embarked on a new adventure and set sail to New Zealand and then France. These experiences gave me a better understanding for the different interpretations of Pinot and solidified my goal of becoming a winemaker. I moved to Burgundy to pursue a postgraduate program in Viticulture and Enology in Beaune. Ready to head back home to Oregon, I joined the Trisaetum team as co-winemaker. 

All along the way, I remembered childhood memories of visiting my grandparents who lived in the Loire Valley. Whether it was the old family cellar set in the dusty caves or visiting local vintners to get our hands on unlabeled wines for everyday consumption, memories were rich. Pursuing my goals, I decided it was finally time to create wine for myself. Five barrels were produced, and Suzor Wines was born.

Mélissa Rondeau

Mélissa Rondeau | Everything else

Growing up in Montréal makes it hard not to be enamoured with the world of food and wine. In Québec, strong French roots are engraved in every aspect of our culture; we speak French, eat snails and love indulging in everything from food to fashion - we are somewhat the middle ground between Europe and America.

Pursuing my passion (really, passion? yes.), I dropped out of  business school and enrolled in a Hospitality program with a focus on the restaurant and hotel industry. My desire to learn and constant need to travel brought me to work in some of the most vibrant hospitality establishments in Europe - from Rose Bakery to the Zetter Hotel in London and Frenchie restaurant in Paris, where I was incredibly lucky to learn everything I know about hospitality, food and wine. Those experiences, combined with a forceful drive allowed me to define what I believe in today.

One day an opportunity came along and I somehow landed in Oregon to come open a winery. On this wild ride, I managed to find the one man that speaks perfect French and with whom I share pretty much the same life ethos & goals. For me, Suzor is a way to join our forces to create something simple, delicious and true.