Aesthete Tea X Suzor Wines Collab

Aesthete Tea X Suzor Wines Collab


La Vie en Rose

Tulsi + Rose petals + Caraway + Fennel

Organic Herbal Tea (2oz)

Supports: stress relief, digestion, anti anxiety, healthy skin.

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Aesthete refers to someone with deep sensitivity to the beauty of art and nature. Specializing in farm direct, consciously sourced organic teas & herbal blends, Aesthete Teas bring the ancient respect and knowledge of tea to the current world, through a minimalist brand that represents the modern tea drinker.

Mother & daughter duo pride themselves in knowing their farmers and sourcing from beautiful farms around the world that share the same values in quality, health and positivity. Herbs come primarily from the Pacific Northwest.

Sharing a similar ethos to us, Aesthete Teas blend with intention and pours with purpose. In an effort to bring a sense of calm and cleanse following food & wine libations, this unique collaboration was born.

Made by Briana and her mom at Aesthete Tea.